Carry On

Jessica’s video begins with a scene of a table shaking – on the table are a number of items, including a copy of team, some crackers, a picture of her grandmother, and a letter from her grandfather during WWII. All of the items on the table are rattling around due to the shaking, which is being caused by an unknown force. The shot fades out and we then see old footage of people in London during an air raid. The people look scared and seem to be hiding in a train tunnel. A shot of a plane dropping bombs appear and we hear sirens and explosions. The film then brings you back a different view of the table, still shaking from what we can now assume is a result of the bombings.



Keep Calm

Jessica’s film highlights the resilience of the British during the Blitz of 1940-41 in and around London. The footage of the table, with the every day items strewn about remind people that during this time of great peril, the British were expected to keep up their daily lives and to not let the terror and fear of a German invasion strip them of their solidarity and resolve to win the war. To expand on Jessica’s film, I would tell the story of the three posters that were commissioned by the British government during the early 1940s that were designed remind the British people to literally ‘keep calm and carry on’. Surprisingly enough, only two of the posters were ever actually use and the one poster that wasn’t used (keep calm and carry on) has become an iconic tribute to both the past and ironic reminder to remain calm in today’s ultra-stimulated society.

You can learn more about the three posters here.


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